Maintaining your kids’ oral health routine during the summer

June 15th, 2017

School is just getting out, and kids are back at home, adjusting to a new, class-free schedule. Routine changes can be difficult, even disruptive for children – help them keep their oral health routines in order with these three easy tips:


Toothbrush and Toothpaste icon


Bedtimes – and waking times! – can get pretty flexible in the summer. Regardless of when your kids head to bed, try to enforce a set time for teeth brushing to make sure they aren’t consistently forgetting. For the mornings, institute a routine of brushing teeth right after breakfast.


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Summer is the perfect time to schedule a dental cleaning for your children. Some parents find it useful to make a point to get their kids (and themselves!) in for a dental cleaning once during summer break and once during winter/holiday break. One insider tip – these tend to be very busy times at dental offices; be sure to schedule early!


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Keep the house stocked with a variety of grab-and-go tooth-friendly snacks like baggies of fruit and veggies, cheese and nuts.